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Workshops & Coaching

Sharpen your skills. Improve your auditions.

Take a step closer to mastering your craft with a group workshop or a one-on-one session.

Bard Core

The course is designed for all levels of experience with verse. Actors that have had many years performing Shakespeare will find this tremendously helpful to take your work to the next level and those of you with just a taste of it will find this work to be a handy and economical way of getting into the language and making confident choices.

Though this is not primarily an “audition” workshop it will help you enormously with your audition monologues. 

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Audition Coaching


Have a theatre audition coming up? Generals?

Trying to get into a school or conservatory?

Having trouble deciding on which piece to do? 

Need some practice performing your pieces in front of someone other than your disinterested cat or over-judgy stand up mirror?

Contemporary, classical, or both; bring 'em in! We'll work together to get you feeling grounded, free, and confident in doing the most awkward part of your job... auditioning.

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