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P A S T   P R O D U C T I O N S

Boeing Boeing

PICTURED: Melisa Pereyra , Matt Schwader Greta Wohlrabe, and Chris Klopatek
Indiana Repertory Theatre (2017). 

Directed by Laura Gordon

Romeo & Juliet

"Romeo," opposite my wife, Hillary Clemens as "Juliet"
Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival (summer 2015)
Directed by Charles Fee, Set: Gage Williams Costumes: Star Moxley Photo by Joy Strotz



The Great Gatsby

"Jay Gatsby," opposite the lovely and talented

Hillary Clemens as "Daisy."
Indiana Repertory Theatre (fall 2015). 

Adapted by Simon Levy, Directed by Peter Amster.


American Players Theatre
Directed by John Langs





A Life in the Theatre

Matt Schwader as "John" & David Darlow as "Robert" in the Goodman Theatre's 2006 production, directed by Robert Falls

"Nephew Fred"
A Christmas Carol

"Nephew Fred"  in 2008 and 2009, directed by William Brown at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago, IL

Photo by Michael Brosilow


"Tristan Tzara"
American Players Theatre
Directed by William Brown


Midsummer Night's Dream

Tiffany Scott as "Hermia,"  Matt Schwader as ​"Lysander" in William Brown's imaginative production at American Players Theatre.
Photo by Carissa Dixon

LIFE is Just DEATH Taking a Nap, DEATH is Just LIFE Taking a Nap

at Second City Training Center in Chicago,IL.  Starring: Julia DiFerdinando, Gilbert Galon, Matt Schwader, Kaitlin Scully, Brooke Elbrecht,  & Christopher Woolsey  
Written by the Writting 6 Class: Alan Terbush, Brian Vance, Kat Rybarski, Katie Howson, Luis Alberto Perez, & David Siegel.  Directed by Scott Goldstein

Moliere Comedies

LaSalle Bank Theatre, downtown Chicago. Chicago Shakespeare Theatre (2003) 

Directed by and Starring Brian Bedford

with Matt Schwader as "Lelie" 

Photo by Michael Brosilow

Measure for Measure


Directed by Barbara Gaines at Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, 2005

Photo by Michael Brosilow

"King Polixenes"
Winter's Tale

Matt Schwader (far right) as "King Polixenes" in an adaptation with Shakespeare Link Canada & the Montes Namuli Dance company of Quelimane, Mozambique. Performed in Quelimane (July, 2012). Also pictured: Jeffery Wetsch, Matt Gouvia, Jane Spence, Pulga Muchuchoma, Kennedy Cathy McKinnon (director), Cheto Binder, & Philip Pace.

Romeo & Juliet

Backstage at Lake Tahoe Shakes, 2015

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